PWC mina lavero Task 6 Saturday 8th March

A 51km task which proved to be extremely difficult once again due to the poor thermic conditions and low base in the flats and the north wind which we would fly against in order to make the last two waypoints. I had a good start like most pilots at cloudbase, from there I chose to stay on the middle ridge to tag the waypoint; from there I made base again and was on my way; different gaggles split at this point; most of them taking the route of the mountain, Since iI had altitude and good line of clouds and some pilots in front I chose the flatland route; it was a mistake; it worked fine up until 7km to the waypoint pass Mina Clavero; suddenly thermic activity shut and the north head wind which I was flying against proved to be to much. The gaggles of the mountain managed 10km more by helping each other and taking every bit of climb available. I should have gone with the gaggle; I still don’t know why I am still making these kinds of mistakes… the gaggle has always the power.. In the end only 3 arrrived in Goal; Oriol Lazaro was first but may be second because of the cone and leading points. In the end I really enjoyed this flying trip to Argentina; nice flights, lots of fun in the company of good people. Time to go back home. Hasta luego!

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