Mina Clavero PWC task 5 Friday 7th March 2014 – 6th Position!!

Task 5 Mina Clavero PWC from Silvio Zugarini on Vimeo.

The day started off very badly for me but it turned out to be an EPIC day… took off very late as they were following and ordered launch which means that I had to launch amongst the last pilots. Got off with a decent cycle (many good pilots bombed out after taking off today) and I made my way to the start point 4 km away. Being late meant that I was not able to get myself well positioned for a good start, I saw the leading gaggle well established on the upper ridge and shooting away at lightining speed and there was nothing I could do.. I got to the first waypoint on the flatland quite high and about to rejoin the second group but I got stuck not able to find decent lift and got stuck in that area for a good 40 minutes until after an epic struggle to remain in the game I found a decent climb which took me back to 1800mt. From there I really had no options but to go back to the mountain as I was with only two other glider and the flatlands was not working at all. I took the mountain route knowing that I would have to make at least one third more of the distance to get to goal. The ridge was working and little by little I made my way to the take off area. The flight up to this point was beautiful, flying closer to the rocky ridges in the company of condors..awesome. I did not know that the leading gaggle on the flats was struggling with may pilots dirting so I cointinue with my flight. Tagged the last waypoint, tagged the goal waypoint and was on my way to tag the last exit 6 km goal cylinder when the task deadline was on (18.30) so I did not have time to finish it and get to goal. When I landed I wad not expecting such a good result but in the end it turned out I came sixth . I am really happy . Shame about that dreadful second task , but anyway today it is time for celebration about a good flight and a very good result. Manana mas.

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