Mina Clavero Task 4 Wednesday 5th March

Mina Clavero PWC task 4 – Wednesay 5th mArch from Silvio Zugarini on Vimeo.

An out an return task of 70km along the ridge was set with multiple start clocks. I took off among the very first pilot as I did not like the wait on take off of the previous days; especially with such a particular launch where pilots wait for the good cycle to launch and you can be stuck for a long time. I took the first start gate together with 6-7 pilots and together we made good way along the ridge. The view was stunning and the rocky faces of the ridge very scary. I arrived at the waypoint to the south very early and with a few pilots; then the leading gaggle got to us and together we headed back to the ridge. My mistake was not to follow them as they were heading very fast for the upper rocky ridge of the mountain; I preferred (wrongly) to stay halfway up the ridge together with few others. The leading gaggle hit a super line on top of the ridge and on the plateau and they were on their way to goal; myself I struggled to make my way back to the spine and get a decent altitude to make the final crossing into the flats and into goal. the ridge on the way back was booming with up to +7mt thermals, sometimes quite turbulent over those impressive rocky faces. As I headed on my way to goal in a good position I had to stop a couple of times to get some additional climbs; in the end I was too conservative, wasting way too much time and ended up getting to goal with over 600 mt; as a result of this a good 20 pilots overtook me in the last 10km of the task. Getting to goal was really important for me today; to regain some confidence in myself and to prove to myself that I can still fly well and be competitive. The task scored very low for me; a real disappointment as the difference with the first pilots in goal was significant. Still I finf it hard to accept that yesterday the 50th pilots got over 800 points and today being 35th in GOAL only got me 537 points… nevermind, I really enjoyed the flight today , one of the most impressive scenery ever. Real good. Manana mas.

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